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e-Reach - Powering Collaboration


The ability to EASILY and SECURELY share ONLY the data you WANT to share


The FORMAL and INFORMAL tools essential for SUCCESSFUL collaboration



Avoiding the need for expensive integration of disparate technical infrastructures

whilst providing a secure environment for collaboration.

Successful collaboration between organisations depends upon sharing information securely yet easily.

E-Reach provides this capability:

  • A cost effective integration of the collaborating organisations' email services
  • The creation of secure file storage dedicated to the collaboration
  • Support for informal and formal working

Undeniably the best and most cost effective collaboration service available today, the E-Reach service delivers:

  • No technical management overhead
  • Work Flow Management
  • Wikis and Project Management
  • Support of all file formats
  • Simple and cheap exit strategy
  • Accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Data held under EU regulations
  • Accessible via smart phone apps

The service can be tailored to meet individual requirements.

Prices start from £25 per month (excl VAT) for 5 concurrent users.

Review the features of this base package.

Cost effective training workshops are available.

Read the short overview presentation on e-Reach.

Read the short overview presentation on the importance of collaboration.