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Businesses need to constantly adapt to market needs

if they are to enjoy continued success.


A strategy of flexibility and proactivity is critical. 


The organisations's human and technical infrastructure

needs to support the strategy - not resist it.




People are innately conservative and resistant to change.

An organisation's technical infrastructure (i.e. its IT systems) needs to be a key enabler of change yet it is often presented as the reason for business change projects failing to deliver their objectives.

Successful change management recognises that IT Change may be challenging but the biggest challenge is managing people expectations and ensuring that they work towards achieving the required change rather than resisting it.

The entire change programme has to be managed effectively and pragmatically - focussing on the IT change alone will not lead to success.



There is a simple and cost effective approach to change programme management which can deliver success. This approach is based on many years experience of successful management of complex change programmes in a variety of industry sectors and organisation size.

The approach is encapsulated in the 10 commandments for successful change programme management outlined below. Following these commandments will significantly improve the the likelihood of successful business change being delivered within both financial and elapsed time targets.  

Note that they will NOT guarantee success, only YOUR commitment can do that.


1.  Keep It SIMPLE.

2.  AGREE the project objectives

3.  Continuously COMMUNICATE progress and expected project impact

4.  Implement change in SMALL and manageable phases.

5.  Manage User expectations to keep them REALISTIC.

6. AVOID scope creep.

7. Establish an HONEST working relationship with suppliers.

8.  Use a STANDARD project methodology.

9.  WALKTHROUGH design solutions before building them.

10. AVOID leading edge technology.      


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